Sidewalk Snow & Ice Removal Notice

Sidewalk Snow & Ice Removal Notice!

Per Borough Ordinance, property owners (or the property occupant) are responsible for keeping all public sidewalks along their property clear of snow and ice.

This ordinance is not unusual for a Connecticut municipality, Torrington has a similar ordinance.

Thank-you in anticipation of your cooperation.

For further information, call Gerry Perusse at 860-567-5640.


 Failure to Comply Warning Notice

Failure to comply may expose you to serious legal liability.

Also, if one fails to comply, the Borough (by Ordinance) can have it done for you by an independent contractor and in addition to the cost, add a 25% surcharge.

If one fails to pay within 30 days, the Borough Tax Collector is authorized to effect collection, which can lead to a tax lien against your property.  The Borough can also pursue a separate fine for failure to comply.

If you cannot or choose not to clear the sidewalk yourself, you can hire an independent contractor or someone else do it for you.  There are several contractors available who do such work in the Borough.

BOL 2017 SNOW Removal Notice